Why A Shoestring At-Home Business Can Outperform A Traditional New Small Business

We’ll be talking more about this topic in future articles, but today we need to take a really serious look at why starting an at-home business on a shoestring budget can outright outperform any traditional new small business almost every time. Ready?

Practically Zero Overhead.

This is one of the best parts of starting a home business. You can start tonight with just the computer that you already have. To operate a home office requires very little overhead in the short run…or over the long haul for that matter. Most will succeed even long term with a computer, decent printer/fax machine, cell phone, and comfortable place to park yourself. Do it correctly and by the guidelines, and you can even get paid for having a home office (through the home-office tax deduction). Compare this to the time and expenses it takes to find an office to lease and all of the equipment and furnishings necessary to make a go of it in the traditional office setting and the winning method should be quite clear.

You Can Start Today.

Again, by choosing the super-simple shoestring budget home business over much more complex options like franchises or retail stores, you can start generating revenue right away. If you have a service that you can offer on a freelance basis, by using bid-for-work sites like Elance, you’ll be able to pick up several jobs to start within just days (you’ve got to be really competitive on your bidding to get started and build up a good reputation and portfolio before you can start commanding higher rates). Same goes for eBay or other online businesses—start today at home.

Offline business? No problem, start selling your product or services today from your home office. Keep it as simple as possible as you get started. Remember, you can always expand to a remote office or storefront once you’ve gotten your feet off the ground and made some contacts, connections, and sales.

It’s Not As Intimidating Or Overwhelming.

This is kind of the bottom line on why a shoestring business at home will usually outperform setting up so many other types of businesses. By doing it at home in baby steps, there’s very little pressure to get it all “perfect” before digging in and launching. By starting off with a super-simple approach—perhaps one single niche product or service offered from your home office—you’ll be able to start the income stream trickling in practically no time at all (maybe even a week or two if you start smart).

You can always learn the ropes as you go, expanding and growing the business along the way.  The most important step is to just get started. Then grow at your own pace—not at a pace forced upon you by external conditions like your high overhead or equipment/office lease payments. Worry about all of the details as they emerge—many will change from the time you plan to the time you actually launch if you take too long in the planning process anyway.

Keep it simple and dig right in – but don’t forget to make sure you are legal before you open up shop. Do this and your shoestring home business will flat out outperform a traditional small business time and time again.

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